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When in doubt go to the library.

The library of the Institute possesses approximately 5764 books,Magazines-6,Newspaper-4,Journals-10 . Most of the journals of Education published by N.C.E.R.T. and other bodies are available. Moreover, magazines relating to competitive exams and most of the leading, Hindi & English newspapers are subscribed regularly. Encyclopaedia of Education & General knowledge and several reference books make library complete in all respects. The library constitutes of 65.13 sq. mtr. carpet area having sitting capacity of more then 50 students.

  • A Student reading in the Library, during specified hours, may draw any number of books.
  • Each student is allowed to borrow 2 books of Fundamental/Teaching Course and 3 books of Microteaching at a time from the library.
  • The books borrowed must be returned on the due date otherwise a fine of Rs.2/-per day will be charged.
  • Leave from college does not imply exemption from the return of books. The books may be returned to the library through a messenger or by registered post.
  • Reference books, textbooks, rare books and current periodicals and magazines shall not be issued to any member. These will be available for study in the library only
  • If a book is found to be defaced or damaged in any way the last borrower is required to replace the book or pay actual coast plus 20% of the original coast. The borrower should therefore examine the book carefully and call the attention of the librarian to any defect she notices.
  • The library hours are clearly indicated on the notice board outside the entrance to the library.
  • Students shall observe perfect silence in and around the library and reading room and shall be careful not to disturb others.
  • Any book issued to a member may be recalled in case it is urgently needed or for any other reason.
  • No students are allowed in the library without Library-cum-Identity card.